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Acoustics By Specfurn are the leaders in acoustic solutions for all types of environments. We are Australia's premium reseller of the best acoustic control products on the market, Autex.

Not only can we assist in providing productive work environments for offices, hospitality, schools, education facilities, day care facilities, gym’s, meeting rooms and theatres by reducing noise but we can make your spaces look amazing with our ever evolving custom acoustic product offering.

If your commercial venue in NSW or QLD requires acoustic treatment, you've come to the right place.

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Acoustics by Specfurn is Australia's #1 choice of Autex resellers. We have a team of experts that are the best in the industry at creating quiet spaces.  We offer a variety of services to help reduce noise in your environment. We can assist you with reducing noise in your workplace.

Taming noise in every workspace

No room is too large, no space too difficult. Our team of expert acoustic specialists are capable of calculating the exact acoustic requirements for your space. We use specialist tools to ascertain the level of noise pollution, reverberation, and reflection that your room exhibits. With this data, we can offer you precise acoustic solutions that are sure to solve your noise problem.

Some of the factors that our specialists take into account are:

  • The size of the room
  • The type of flooring and ceilings
  • The presence of doors and windows
  • The number of people in the room
  • Any existing soundproofing measures
  • Your budget

We offer a wide range of solutions that work for different environments. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to understand your environment and requirements. We do not randomly place acoustic panels throughout the room and hope for success! Our data driven decision making process will ensure your acoustic products perform their best.

What exactly do Autex acoustics do?

Acoustics vary widely in their shapes and designs, but ultimately they are made to reduce reverberation, absorb sound energy, or to reflect and diffuse sound energy. Autex acoustic products absorb sound energy by allowing the sound waves to pass through the surface of the acoustic material where the energy encounters enough resistance that converts the sound wave into a tiny amount of heat energy. The heat naturally dissipates into the ambient temperature of the air and mitigates noise. You can read more about this topic for yourself here. The more effective the material at absorbing sound, the more sound is reduced. Thankfully, many Autex product absorb a minimum of 85% of energy that passes through it, meaning the Autex products are supremely effective at absorbing sound.

While the vast majority of Autex acoustics products operate on absorption as their primary means of sound reduction, there also exists hybrid products that both reflect and diffuse sounds, in combination with absorption thanks to their unique and ununiform surface design. For example, the Autex 3D Acoustic Tiles are designed to have multiple odd-angle surfaces to reflect from which reflects a diffused and weakened sound at unusual angles. Sound absorbing material is then placed on the back of the Autex 3D Acoustic Tiles to ensure that any sound not reflected is absorbed into the core of the product. This combination of absorption, reflection, and diffusion creates an incredibly effective acoustic solution. As a general rule, the thicker an Autex acoustic product is, the more effective it will be at absorbing sound. This is due to the larger number of fibres per square metre that are able to intercept and absorb sound waves.

How effective is Autex at reducing unwanted sound?

The Autex Cube acoustic panels have been independently tested in a reverberant environment and shown to achieve an NRC Rating of 0.95. The NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) is a standard measurement of how effective a material is at absorbing sound. The Autex Cube has an exceptional NRC Rating of 0.95, meaning that it absorbs 95% of the noise that hits it. This makes the Autex Cube one of the most effective acoustic products on the market. The Autex Cube is also flame retardant, making it an ideal choice for environments where there is a risk of fire. The Autex Cube has a Class 1/0 rating according to BS 476, meaning it will not contribute to the spread of fire easily.

How can I use Autex Acoustics in my commercial space?

There are a number of ways that Autex Acoustics can be used in commercial spaces to achieve better acoustics. One way is to use Autex Acoustics on walls as part of an acoustic panels system. This will help to reduce echo and reverberation, making the space more comfortable to be in. Another way to use Autex Acoustics is to create an acoustic screen. This can be done by suspending Autex Acoustics Cascade from the ceiling. Acoustic screens are effective at absorbing noise and can be used to create a more private space within a larger area. Hard surfaces are usually very bad at creating reverberation and reflection. The general rule is that hard surfaces and high ceilings will create a more reverberant environment. This is why it is often advised to use soft furnishings and sound absorbing Autex products in order to achieve better acoustics. The noise levels you can expect after your installation will be significantly lower than previous ones.

Autex Acoustics are also effective at reducing noise transfer between rooms. This can be done by lining the wall with Autex Acoustics products. This will help to reduce the amount of low frequency noise that passes through the wall, making it ideal for use in offices or meeting rooms.

Autex Acoustic Panels

These aren't your ordinary acoustic panels. Autex acoustic panels are designed to be installed on the walls or ceilings for superior performance and to mitigate noise effectively. The large range of acoustics is available in acoustic panels, acoustic baffles, acoustic wall covering, timber styled acoustic panels, at varying thicknesses.

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Frontier revolutionises what it means to have beautifully designed acoustics