Wall Acoustics

Explore our range of wall acoustic panels

WoodBeQuiet™ Slats

Deliver the distinctive appearance and texture of natural wood with cutting-edge soundscaping functionality.

WoodBeQuiet™ Planks

It delivers visual authenticity, acoustic performance, sustainability, and ease of installation.

Fracture Tiles

A modular product made from our FilaSorb™ acoustic material, designed for installation flexibility and pattern versatility.

Fracture Two Tone

Cutting-edge double layer acustic panel design to sharoen your senses.

Fracture Panel

Precision carved with a bevelled groove to create a series of directional linework designs.

Acoustic Screens

Beautiful partitions that enhance any room without compromising natural light.

Full Colour

Full Color acoustic wall panels are made from FilaSorb™. It gives you the premium felt and offers four thicknesses.

Acoustic Shape

It cuts from FilaSorb™ with six geometeric shapes to choose from and offers great range of colour combinations.

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