Autex Symphony®

Available in a range of 40 premium colours with a smooth sophisticated flat pile, Symphony offers unlimited design options.

Autex Symphony®

Key Features and Benefits:

Autex Symphony® is a roll form acoustic wallcovering that provides a superior sound absorption alternative to paint and wallpaper. Autex Symphony® is also receptive to pins and hook-and-loop (Velcro). The Autex Symphony® offers easy installation into existing spaces allowing for unique and customised installations to suit any project.

With a sleek, flat finish Autex Symphony® is an acoustic fabric made in solid colours that is designed to be used in the same way as wallpaper. The Autex Symphony® offers superior acoustic performance, keeping the indoor environment quieter and more productive. Durable and ethically produced. The Autex Symphony® is manufactured using 100% polyester fibre and contains a minimum of 60% recycled fibre and can handle whatever life throws at it.

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Pinnable receptive for use as noticeboards
  • Customisable for limitless branding and design options through in-house cutting
  • Easy installation to suit any project size
  • Durable and ethically manufactured using 60% recycled fibre

Key Specifications:

Form: Roll
NRC: 0.40
Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
Size: 1.22m x 25m
Thickness: 10 - 12mm
Product Placement: Wall
Install method: Direct fix
Application: Commercial/Office Space, Education, Hospitality, Theatres and Auditoriums



Symphony™ Brochure

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