Wall Acoustics

Browse our range of wall acoustic panels & baffles

Acoustic Diffuser Tiles

Effectively diffuse noise on walls or ceilings.

Acoustic Timber

Bring the warmth of realistic timber into your space.

Autex 3D Tiles

Sculptural acoustic tiles for creating a bold statement.

Autex Composition

Solid colour acoustic fabric.

Autex Cube

Acoustic panels with high noise reduction capabilities.

Autex Etch

Laser embroided acoustic wall fabric.

Autex Frontier

High noise absorption acoustic baffles.

Autex Quietspace Panel

High performance acoustic baffles.

Autex Symphony

Roll form acoustic wall covering.

Autex Vertiface

Decorative acoustic wall covering.

Autex Groove

Precise, angular cuts.

Autex Lanes™

A battened style acoustic system made from Cube.