Autex Frontier™

Frontier revolutionises what it means to have beautifully designed acoustics.

Autex Frontier™ offers targeted sound absorption, countless configurations, and stress-free installations.

Key Features and Benefits:

If you're looking for a ceiling or wall acoustic solution that is both stylish and effective, the Autex Frontier system is a great option. Comprised of linear, almost skeletal elements, the modular Frontier system congregates to form undulating sculptures and rhythmic slatted features. Available in 9 different sizes and styles, the Autex Frontier can be easily tailored to any commercial space. The 100% polyester fibre construction ensures that the Autex Frontier is both lightweight and durable, making it a great option for any business. This means the product can be easily taken down and relocated if necessary. Because the Autex Frontier is designed to be ‘tuned’ to interior spaces, you can be sure that it will provide the perfect acoustic solution for your business.

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Choose from 24 colours and nine styles, including Fins or Raft for a bold, dimensional statement
  • Formed by just three elements, Frontier goes together quickly and efficiently, saving time on site
  • Dismantle or remove the system from its setting and reassemble or reposition just as easily and quickly
  • Configure Frontier to fit the space perfectly
  • In-house design team dedicated to customisation

Key Specifications:

Form: Fin | Raft
NRC | Fins: 0.70, 0.75, 0.85, 0.90, 1.00, 1.05
NRC | Raft: 0.75, 0.80, 0.90, 0.95
Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
Size: 2,400mm Fin Length
Thickness | Fins: 12mm, 24mm
Thickness | Raft: 12mm
Product Placement: Ceiling
Application: Commercial/Office Space, Education, Hospitality, Retail

Customisation Options:



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Warranties & Guarantees

Frontier™ Acoustic Fins Manufacturer's Guarantee

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Frontier™ Acoustic Raft Manufacturer's Guarantee

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Frontier™ CAD

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