Vicinity Desk Screens are a simple, easily customisable, truly acoustic solution for the modern workspace

Vicinity Desk Screens are elegant, lightweight, 100% polyester acoustic screens designed to be fixed non-destructively to any desk via the Vicinity Desk Clamps.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Easily customisable; flat screens can be customised in colour, size, shape, and thickness to fit your design aesthetic
  • Customisation options for pressed screens include bespoke embossed patterns, custom colours, and custom shapes
  • Vicinity Desk Clamps are non-destructive, easy to use, and fit a variety of desk sizes
  • Solid colour and smooth finish, with no capping required
  • Highly durable, providing long-term stability and performance
  • Perfect for open-plan workspaces

Key Specifications:

Sabin: Varies by design, refer to datasheet
Composition: 100% Polyester Fibre (PET), Clamp: die-
Size: 12mm
Thickness: Varies by design, refer to brochure
Product Placement: Screens
Install method: Clamp to desk
Application: Open Plan Offices, Commercial/Office Space, Residential

Customisation Options:



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