Ecoustic Workstation SC Print

Acoustic panel for workstation creates a sense of privacy and help reduce noise.

These workstation screens are available with double-sided print designs and are also ideal for use as partitions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • It creates privacy for each employee
  • Excellent sound absorption performance
  • Lightweight, thermal efficiency & breathable.
  • 100% PET
  • Made in Australia

Key Specifications:

Product Placement: Workstation screen, Partition & Ceiling
Weight: 2400gsm
Dimensions:1200mm x 2700mm
Thickness: 12mm
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
Fire Rating: AS/ISO 9705; BCA Group 1; ASTM E84; AS/NZS 1530.3
Application: Commercial/Open Office Space



Ecoustic Panels & Screens Brochure

3 MB | PDF


Workstation SC Print Spec Sheet

907 KB | PDF

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