Focus Wave

It provides great sound absorption performance and offers room for privacy.

Focus Wave is ideal for upholstery and vertical applications like panels and pod.

Key Features and Benefits:

Featuring a quilted herringbone pattern, the Focus Wave upholstery fabric offers a deeply textured surface that begs to be touched. Perfect for various upholstery endeavors, as well as vertical uses such as wrapped panels, desk screens, and meeting pods, its acoustic qualities have been thoroughly tested, ensuring both visual and auditory enhancement for any commercial environment.

  • Available in 8 colours.
  • Quilted upholstery fabric.
  • 100% PET (64% recycled)
  • Environmental certifications

Key Specifications:

Product Placement: Upholstery, Workstations & Partitions
Composition: 91% Polyester Fibre (PET) & 9% Polyurethane
Size: Width: 137mm
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): Direct fix: 0.30
Application: Commercial/Office Space


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