Ceiling Acoustics

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Acoustic Diffuser Tiles

Effectively diffuse noise on walls or ceilings.

Acoustic Timber

Bring the warmth of realistic timber into your space.

Autex 3D Tiles

Sculptural acoustic tiles for creating a bold statement.

Autex Frontier

High noise absorption acoustic baffles.

Autex Quietspace Panel

High performance acoustic baffles.

Autex Vanguard

Elegant ceiling panels.

Autex Horizon

Decorative hanging acoustic ceiling panels.

Autex Lattice

Large form factor ceiling acoustics.

Autex Accent

High performance ceiling tiles.

Autex Groove

Precise, angular cut.

Autex Cube

Acoustic panels with high noise reduction capabilities.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are the ideal solution for any office space or commercial venue that requires reduced levels of ambient noise. Acoustic ceilings are specially designed to absorb sound and provide much-needed acoustic comfort in noisy working environments. They also help block out excess reverberation, so that conversations can take place without becoming muffled or distorted. Installing an acoustic ceiling can drastically reduce stress levels for employees, making it easier for them to concentrate and get the most out of their working hours.

Acoustic ceiling panels are also aesthetically pleasing, making them a great choice for businesses that want to create a more professional-looking environment. Additionally, soundproof ceilings provide added protection from outside noise, further enhancing the acoustic comfort of any workspace. With so many benefits to offer, acoustic ceiling panels are an essential component of any well-designed office space.

Overall, acoustic ceiling panels are a great choice for any business that needs increased noise control or energy efficiency.

Reduce Reverberation

Acoustic ceiling panels can help reduce reverberation, which is the echoing of sound in an enclosed area. Reverberation can make it difficult to hear conversations and make office environments uncomfortable. With acoustic ceilings, sound waves have no place to travel after they’re absorbed by the panels. This helps keep conversations clear and ensures a comfortable work environment. If you are unsure which surface of your space to treat with acoustics, it's usually best to begin with the ceiling first.

High Acoustic Performance

Acoustic ceiling panels are designed to absorb sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off hard surfaces like walls and floors. This helps reduce the noise level in a room by trapping sound vibrations within the material. Acoustic ceilings have been proven to have excellent acoustic performance, making them ideal for any business looking for increased sound control.