Acoustic Consultation

We want to emphasize that any information or advice provided by Specfurn (and its associated trading names) is general in nature. We strive to offer the best possible guidance to our customers, but it’s important to note that our advice does not take into account your unique objectives, financial situation, or needs. Any information published or information given verbally should not be relied upon as a substitute for personalised advice or professional advice from a qualified sound engineer.

Please be aware that our acoustic treatment products are designed for interior noise reduction purposes only. While they are effective in reducing noise levels, they may not completely eliminate sound transfer from external sources, nor can they solve issues that require structural changes to your building. If you are unsure if our products will suitably meet your expectations/requirements, we strongly recommend that you consult a qualified sound engineer for an independent assessment. If you require specific product specification sheets to understand the noise reduction properties of our products, we are happy to provide you with the manufacturer’s data sheets upon request.

Acoustics – Seismic Considerations Disclaimer
Our acoustic treatment products are not seismically rated, and we cannot provide any advice or recommendations regarding their seismic attributes. We make no warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability of our products in a seismic event. It is the responsibility of the end client to ensure that the product is suitable for their intended use and complies with all applicable laws, regulations, codes, and standards, including those related to seismic safety.