Partitions Acoustics

Explore our range of partitions / space dividers acoustic panels

Focus Wave

Upholstery fabric-made acoustic screens make any space look and sound great.

Ion Duet

Multi-directional dual-sided panel for workstation screens and operable walls.

EchoPanel® Astro

This is a stunning digital print on 12mm EchoPanel® acoustic panels, featuring designs with faceted, interlocking linework that mimic crystalline shapes.

EchoPanel® Fluid

Michael Yong's design inspired by the movement of the ocean.

EchoPanel® 12mm

EchoPanel® is pinnable, lightweight, printable, easy to cut and install, making it ideal for multiple acoustic applications including walls, ceilings and partitions.

EchoPanel® Frequency

Frequency is inspired by sound and communication to enhance acoustic comfort and wellbeing. It showcases a sound bar motif in contrasting and tonal colors.

EchoPanel® Palace

Each precision cut acoustic panel has a chamfered edge ideal for panel-to-panel wall applications.

EchoPanel® Ohm

A precision cut acoustic panel with contoured linework reflecting the ebb and flow of sound waves.

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